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RF Interference from other wireless devices

Keywords: interference, wireless noise


Should you expect interference from other wireless networks (Wi-Fi, walkie talkies, cordless phones, cellular phones, radios, etc.) operating in the vicinity of your Monnit wireless sensor network (WSN)?

No. Monnit's wireless sensors currently operate in the 900Mhz ISM band. Most wireless sensors today operate in the crowded, 2.4Ghz space where cell phone, WiFi networks, wireless telephones, and many wireless accessories for networks and PCs operate.

Monnit chose the 900Mhz frequency for its performance characteristics (much better range through obstacles than 2.4Ghz) and "openness" of the frequency. Operating at 900Mhz limits the ability to deploy sensors to a specific region (North America only).

The chipset used by Monnit for our wireless sensors also supports 868MHz as well as 433MHz. Support for international markets will utilize these two frequencies for best performance.

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