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Configuring the GSM International Cellular Gateway for use with any SIM Card

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How to setup an international cellular gateway with a SIM card

Configuring the cellular gateway (CGW) for any SIM is simple. Send an SMS to the SIM being used in the open CGW. Below are the instructions on how to accomplish this for the European market.

  1. Customer checks with the selected mobile operator (SIM provider) to know the APN name for the GPRS network (usually: ApnName, userName, password).

  2. Insert the new SIM in the Monnit CGW. Keep the CGW power off during this process.

  3. From any mobile phone send and SMS text to the assigned SIM number using the following syntax:
    apn_config ApnName,User,Password,
    (don’t forget the last comma, and only one space after apn_config)

    Here is an example:
    Vodafone GPRS Configurations -
       ApnName :
       User Name : internet
       Password: internet
       Send SMS text as follows: apn_config          

    In case there is no user name or password, replace with "null" as follows: apn_config,null,null,

  4. Power on the CGW (note: first time the CGW takes a bit longer to connect to the GPRS)

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