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Advantages to buying temperature sensor in addition to humidity sensor

How a Monnit Wireless sensor network is architected.

All MonnitLink wireless gateways can support up to 100 sensors. To expand a network beyond 100 sensors, simply add another wireless gateway to the network.

Should you expect interference from other wireless networks (Wi-Fi, walkie talkies, cordless phones, cellular phones, radios, etc.) operating in the vicinity of your Monnit wireless sensor network (WSN)?

Information on repeated data in the sensor history

Information on how long it takes to receive a notification from iMonnit.

How sensor placement effects how far apart you can place the sensors from the gateway.

Monnit's single input pulse counters give you the choice of counting pulses or counting transitions. This article gives an explanation of wireless pulse counter operation.

While using Monnit wireless sensors, you may discover new information about your facility or home that you didn't know before.