• 10 foot water rope extension
Water Rope Extension (Accessory)

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Product Description

10 foot water detection rope extension.

Detection rope can be expanded up to 100 feet by simply clicking additional 10 foot sections of detection rope together.

Product Features

  • Senses immediate presence of water anywhere along rope.
  • 10 foot water rope (expandable in 10 foot sections up to 100 feet)


Material PE + alloy lead Show on Detail
Weight 30g/meter
Pull Force Limit 60kg
Fire Resistance Second pressure plenum cable
Cable Diameter 5.5mm
Core Resistance 3ohm/100 meters
Maximum Exposed Temperature 75°C (167°F)
Cable Length 10 ft. (120 in.) included (expandable to 100 ft.)

Suggested Application Uses for This Sensor

  • Data center and server room water monitoring.
  • Document retention center monitoring.
  • Basement / crawl space water monitoring.
  • Plumbing leak detection.
  • Storage monitoring.