Monnit recieved a nice write-up in ECN Magazine about our attendance at ESC.

If you must monitor information from a variety of sensors, Monnit  has M+WIT modules that will do the job over about a 600-ft range in the 900, 866, 433 MHz bands. The modules use a Texas Instruments CC111x RF IC. Each module measures about one cubic inch and incorporates a lithium-ion battery that can last as long as eight years when transmissions occur every 20 minutes. Monnit has 15 types of sensor modules that measure or detect a temperature, low fluid level, light, proximity, shake, water leak, and so on. Developers can purchase an OEM Introductory Kit ($US 139), an OEM Developer’s Kit ($US 259), kits for specific applications, and individual sensor modules. The modules communicate with an M+Link USB dongle, an M+Link cellular, or an Ethernet gateway, so people can monitor sensor conditions locally or from remote locations. For information:

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