The light sensor needs to be calibrated once received. Keep in mind that the light sensor detects if there is light or no light, not light intensity. (For light intensity measurements, please refer to our LUX sensor.)

To calibrate the light sensor, put the sensor in the area where you want to monitor for light presence. Make sure the light level is where you want it in the area because when you calibrate the sensor, it will consider that level as light, and anything less than that level as dark.

1. Login to your iMonnit account with the credentials provided.

2. Select the “Light Presence” sensor from your sensor list.

Sensor List View

3. Click on the “Calibrate” tab in the main sensor window.

Calibrate Tab View

4. With the sensor online, place it where you want it and set your light level.

5. Select the condition you want to know about from the pull down menu. (Your options are “Aware when light” and “Aware when dark.”)

6. Wait for your sensor to check-in again for the settings to take place.

iMonnit Light Calibration Screen