15 Mar

Visit Monnit and OEMSensors.com at ESC / DESIGN West

Be sure to visit Monnit and OEMSensors.com in Booth 2242 at DESIGN West, March 27-29, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. OEMSensors.com leverages Monnit’s extensive line of sensors, gateways and software to OEMs, allowing for unrivaled access to all, or just parts of the Monnit sensor solution. Come find out how you can:

  1. Manage your customer’s sensor data locally or remotely with your application or UI
  2. Brand Monnit sensors, gateways and applications with your company’s name
  3. Own the data – route the gateway data where you want

Executives will be on hand to answer questions and show you how easy it is to get started with a complete OEM solution. To schedule a meeting with us at the show, please email info@monnit.com.

If you haven’t registered yet, register today for your Free Expo Pass, and visit us in booth number 2242.

With 10,000 attendees, over 300 content sessions and 400+ electronics industry thought leaders, and exhibits featuring the latest hardware, software and technology innovations, DESIGN West will gather today’s leading design engineers from every major industry segment related to advance systems design into one unified event, across four days:

Design West

  • ESC (Embedded Systems Conference)
  • Android Summit
  • DesignMED
  • Designing with LEDs
  • Black Hat
  • Multicore DevCon
  • Sensors in Design

This is an unrivaled opportunity to get all the latest design insights, education and techniques in one place, at one time – DESIGN West offers you never-before-assembled training and education, hands-on knowledge exchanges, and the hottest new products – under one roof!

Keynote Addresses Include:
JB Straubel, CTO, Tesla Motors Inc.
Thomas Dolby, Musician & Technical Innovator
Robert Vamosi, CISSP, Senior Analyst & Author

Don’t delay – register today for your complimentary Expo Pass and be sure to visit Monnit at booth 2242.

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06 Mar

Monitoring Sump Pumps and Pits for Proper Operation.

Sump Pump and Sump Pit Monitoring Basement water problems can be caused by a multitude of issues ranging from high ground-water tables to thawing snow leaking through windows or the foundation. When these problems arise, it is common to have a sump pump and pit installed in a home or facility to remove water as it accumulates. However, pump motors can burn out and pump triggers can stick. How do you know if there is an issue with your pump before it’s to late?

Monnit provides a cost effective way to monitor the water level in a sump pit as well as sump pump operation. By using a Monnit WIT wireless water sensor at the sump pit, you can place the sensor contacts in the pit to create a fail-safe level. If the water reaches this level you can be immediately notified via email, text message or phone call.

You can also monitor the pump for activity. By placing a Monnit WIT wireless activity sensor on the pump tubing, it can sense vibration from the pump motor. This allows you track how often the pump is turning on to remove water and can work in conjunction with the water sensor to alert you if water reaches the fail-safe level and the pump has not turned on. Now you can know if there is an issue with the pump motor or trigger before any water damage is caused. There are no wires to worry about, and the installation process is amazingly simple.

Enjoy peace of mind and stop worrying about potential water damage.

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01 Mar

Adding or Moving Wireless Gateways and Sensors in the iMonnit Online Software.

With the recent enhancements to the iMonnit Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring Software, users now have the ability to create networks, add wireless gateways and sensors to those networks and move gateways and sensors between networks. To get started login to your wireless sensor account on www.imonnit.com, and follow these instructions.

1. Login to your iMonnit account. If you have purchased Monnit Wireless Sensors and do not yet have an account, you can “Create a New Account” from the main page of the site.

2. Once you are logged into your account, click on the “My Account/Settings” button in the menu bar. From the My Account area you can edit account settings, network settings and create networks by selecting them in the left menu.

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