With the recent enhancements to the iMonnit Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring Software, users now have the ability to create networks, add wireless gateways and sensors to those networks and move gateways and sensors between networks. To get started login to your wireless sensor account on www.imonnit.com, and follow these instructions.

1. Login to your iMonnit account. If you have purchased Monnit Wireless Sensors and do not yet have an account, you can “Create a New Account” from the main page of the site.

2. Once you are logged into your account, click on the “My Account/Settings” button in the menu bar. From the My Account area you can edit account settings, network settings and create networks by selecting them in the left menu.

3. If you have not registered any wireless sensors before and do not have any wireless sensor networks setup, you can create a new network by selecting “Create Network” in the left menu. Simply enter a name for your network and add a wireless gateway by entering the gateway ID and Security Code located on the bottom of the gateway.

Create Network

4. Once you have a wireless sensor network created, you can add gateways and sensors to it by clicking on the network name under “Network Settings” in the left menu.

5. To add a wireless gateway, enter the gateway ID and Security Code then click the “register Gateway” button. To add wireless sensors enter a sensor’s ID and Security Code then click the “Register Sensor” button.

Network Edit

6. If you have multiple gateways and wish to create additional networks, repeat step 3 to create as many networks as needed. Once the networks are created, repeat step 5 to add your remaining sensors or gateways.

If you wish to move a gateway or sensor from one network to another, select the network that you want to move the device to from the left menu’s “Network Settings”, then simply enter the ID and Security Code to register the device on that network. Once registered on the new network the device will be removed from the previous network.