Cars, appliances, industrial equipment and every machine that performs a task now comes with the capability of communicating to another machine.

M2M, or machine-to-machine services, enable the flow of information between machines and eventually to people who will analyze the data and perform the necessary action. Combining M2M and wireless sensor technology (WST) provides solutions to different industries to provide better customer service, equipment maintenance and safety improvement.

The agreement between Monnit, a wireless sensing technology company, and Numerex, a supplier of interactive M2M enterprise solutions, will advance the efficiency of interconnected machinery and data gathering capability for organizations.

The goal of M2M communication is to collect data, transmit the data through a network, assess the data and respond accordingly to the data.

Previously, this involved large amounts of man hour by going back and forth to different installations and performing the necessary maintenance or repair. As network, wireless and sensing technology started improving, the need to travel to perform these tasks was removed. Now the only reason to visit an installation site is to perform maintenance or repair based on data gathered by the sensors and the machines.

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