WiSe Guys

When Batteries are Inserted:

One red flash means the sensor can not connect to a Wi-Fi network. This is caused by one of the following. Either, no network security has been stored in the sensor and there is no open (unsecured) Wi-Fi network, or the programmed
Wi-Fi network cannot be found.

Two slow red flashes means the batteries are too low for the sensor to operate and new batteries are needed.

Green flashes mean that the sensor has found a Wi-Fi network and is authorizing network credentials. If the green flashes end on green, the sensor has successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network. If the green flashes end on red, then the sensor was not able to complete the authorization. Either the network SSID or security key doesn’t match, or there was some other communication problem.

Wi-Fi Sensor LEDs

When Tethered to a Computer via USB Programming Cable:

The light should flash in a sequence (red, green, off, red, green, off) when first tethered to the computer. Once the computer acknowledges the connection, the light should just flash green.

When disconnecting the cable from the sensor, the sensor light should flash green until it either ends on green (successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network) or until it ends on red (Wi-Fi network connection failed). If the light ends on a red, reconnect the sensor to the computer and verify the network SSID and security key are correct.

During Sensor Operation:

Once the sensor has been set up, the light will not flash in normal operating mode. This is to save on battery power ensuring that the battery life of the sensor meets or exceeds one year. If you would like to enable the LED for normal operation (visual confirmation of communication) this can be set from the iMonnit online sensor portal. When enabled the LED will flash when network communication is occurring, letting you know that sensor data is being delivered to the online system.


Enable Wi-Fi LED Operation in iMonnit 

For more information on using Monnit wireless sensors, visit the support section of our website.