24 Jun

Visit Monnit at Sensors Expo 2014

Sensors ExpoBe sure to visit Monnit in Booth# 528 at Sensors Expo & Conference June 25-26, 2014 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

Monnit provides an extensive line of wireless sensors, gateways and software for commercial, industrial and OEM applications.

Show Floor Hours:

Wednesday – June 25, 10:00 – 5:00
Thursday     – June 26, 10:00 – 3:00

Executives will be on hand to answer questions and show you how easy it is to get started with a complete wireless sensor solution. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us at the show click here.

For more information on the show or to register, please visit www.sensorsmag.com/sensors-expo.

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19 Jun

All Monnit Wireless Humidity Sensors are Now High Accuracy

In an effort to consolidate their wireless humidity sensor offering, Monnit has discontinued lower accuracy sensors, making high accuracy humidity sensors the standard available product. All of Monnit’s wireless humidity sensors offer the same scientific grade quality and accuracy of the previous high accuracy humidity sensors at a new, lower price.

Monnit wireless humidity sensors allow you to monitor relative humidity of air within a room or enclosure. They are ideal for monitoring humidity within greenhouses, industrial spaces, museums, saunas and humidors. They can also be used for residential applications such as controlling mold, mildew or dust mites.

Monnit Wireless Humidity Sensors
–  Scientific grade sensor.
–  +/- 1.8% accuracy (between 10% – 90% RH).
–  0 to 100% RH operating range.

Focused on simplicity, Monnit wireless sensors can be setup, gathering data and notifying users of concerns in just a few short minutes. Monnit currently provides over 40 unique wireless sensor types for measuring temperature, humidity, door and window (open/close), motion, water, activity, dry contact and a variety of other conditions that are critical to businesses.

All Monnit wireless sensors include free basic iMonnit online sensor monitoring which aggregates sensor information and sends notifications via text or email if user defined conditions are met or exceeded.

Monnit also provides wireless sensors to OEM’s and Reseller’s through OEMSensors.com, which allows for white labeling (private branding) of both the wireless sensor hardware and the online monitoring software.

For more information visit www.monnit.com.

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05 Jun

Using Monnit Control

This tech-tip is meant to give to give some suggestions for installing and using the new Monnit wireless control. For product documentation and additional help visitwww.monnit.com/support.

Monnit Wireless Control allows a user to control either two separate 10-amp or two separate 30-amp relays, all through the iMonnit online sensors portal. Each of the unit’s two relays (controls) can be toggled on/off by a paired wireless sensor (currently over 40 types) on the same network, or directly by the user through the iMonnit.com web portal.

Adding Monnit Control to Your Sensor Network

The control unit is added to the network like a sensor is. Do not power it on until it has been assigned to a network. From the iMonnit portal enter the ID and the Code.

• Choose “Manage” from the main navigation.
• Select the network you would like to add the control unit to.
• Find the bottom of the section “Sensor List / Assign Sensor”.
• Enter the ID and Security Code from the back label of the control unit.
• Press the “Assign Sensor” button.
Adding Monnit Control to Your Sensor Network

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04 Jun

Wireless Laboratory Monitoring

Laboratory MonitoringKeeping track of laboratory equipment and samples can be a chore. Monitoring for unauthorized access ensures that valuable equipment stays put, and that testing procedures aren’t compromised. Maintaining optimal temperature in coolers ensures that samples are stored within regulated parameters. If the temperature falls above or below the optimal range, costly spoilage can occur. Monnit has saved laboratories and pharmacies hundreds of thousands of dollars in spoilage when using our low-cost, wireless monitoring solutions.Monnit provides a low-cost, reliable, wireless monitoring solution that allows you to track and receive alerts for the following types of applications:

Temperature Sensors Monitor temperatures in sample coolers and receive notifications if below or above a set threshold.
Open / Closed Sensors Detect unauthorized access to lab and/or specific cabinets and areas.

All Monnit wireless sensors come with free basic online monitoring, allowing you to view sensor information anytime from anywhere. Receive instant notifications via email or SMS text if a set sensor condition is met or exceeded.

Protect Your Laboratory with Monnit Wireless Sensors!

Learn More About Remote Monitoring Solutions for Labs »

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