Monnit is pleased to have had the opportunity to sponsor the RIoT Challenge at the recent Robotics and Internet of Things Conference in Utah. The challenge provided an opportunity for developers interested in the Internet of Things, to form teams and compete in a hands-on development challenge to come up with interesting applications for the Internet of Things and work towards developing their solution throughout the day-long challenge. Monnit provided wireless sensors, gateways and software for the teams to develop with, and had employees on hand to assist and encourage the competing teams.

“With Monnit’s help, the RIoT Challenge was a huge success this year!” said Justin Bott, VP of Strategic Initiatives for Grow Utah. “The challenge was for teams of entrepreneurs and tinkerers to come together in a room, receive a crash course on the Monnit/Tarts system, get some Monnit/Tarts gear and then spend the afternoon building new applications for the sensors. The teams worked throughout the day, eating food and building stuff with their soldering irons, 3D printers, and other tools.  It was like a mini hackathon without the all-night sleep deprivation!”

There were 10 teams that participated in the challenge, and they all created some very interesting and cool projects using Monnit sensors. At the end of the day, the projects were judged by a panel and the top teams received cash prizes to help get their ideas off the ground. The winning team (TimberShark), created a beehive with built-in sensors to monitor the hives health remotely without disturbing the bees.  Their solution perfectly represents the impact that the Internet of Things can have, by helping to solve the problem of a collapsing bee population.

“Grow Utah ( was excited to host this event with the tremendous team from Monnit,” said Justin.  “We couldn’t have done it without their help and their awesome gear!  They have great products and the competing teams were surprised how smoothly it all worked. The event was a huge success.”