28 Apr

3 Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Cooler

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Walk-In Coolers

An essential part of many restaurants, cafeterias, and convenience stores is the popular walk-in cooler. Proper maintenance to your walk-in cooler will not only save you money and frustration but may also keep you in business. As you know, your walk-in refrigerator is not like your standard fridge at home. Not only are they larger, but they also manage their temperatures differently and require more maintenance.

Problems Arising From Walk-in Cooler Failure

Restaraunt owners know that having your walk-in cooler fail may not only negatively affect your business but your reputation as well. You can save time and money by performing regular maintenance using a system that automatically monitors your facilities, and you can focus on what matters most: growing and improving your business. Your staff will be confident knowing that their food and resources will be protected from cold damage, spoilage, and will solidify your reputation as a reliable business and individual.

Here are three simple steps to stay up and running, prevent food waste and keep your utility bills low.

  • Cleanliness: Keep your floor and surrounding areas free of debris, and clean up any spills as soon as possible. Turn the fan off and clean with a soft cloth. Overworking your fan will shorten the life of your cooler. To prevent your fan from breaking down or raising your utility bill, you can monitor its energy consumption by using a Monnit Wireless AC Current Meter. Perform quarterly maintenance on evaporator coils and blades, as well, and replace damaged items as needed. Keeping these things clean will also allow proper airflow for your unit.
  • Hinges & Closers: Most kitchen employees are too busy to ensure the cooler doors closes properly. Monnit Wireless Open/Closed Sensor can provide information on the status of a door. This sensor will allow you to know if a door has been left open. 
  • Monitor Temperatures: For the most accurate temperature reading for your cooler we recommend the Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensor with the Glass Bead Temperature Buffer Vial. This wireless sensor will buffer any momentary fluctuations in temperatures that may be caused by standard operations (defrost cycles, the opening of doors, and fans circulating air). This sensor allows more accurate temperature data to be captured and prevent false alarms from being sent.

All Monnit Wireless Sensors can send notifications through text, voice and email with no monthly fees required. Our Local Alert Device is recommended to notify others if temperatures are fluctuating or if the door is ajar too long in your cooler. The local alert system has an LCD display for custom messaging and sensor reading, as well as an audible alarm and flashing LED. read more

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26 Apr

Monnit CEO and Founder, Brad Walters, featured as IoT panelist at the Governor’s Utah Economic Summit

Monnit CEO and Founder, Brad Walters, was recently a panelist at the Governor’s Utah Economic Summit for “An Automated Life: The Internet of Things”. Started in 2006 under Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr., the governor-hosted Utah Economic Summit has been a celebration of economic success, a gathering for learning, and, most importantly, a driver of collaboration. In the last 10 years, Utah has come through an economic recession and out on top. Forbes’ Best State for Business and Careers five out of the last six years. Pollina Corporate’s No. 1 Pro-Business State four years running.

An Automated Life: The Internet of Things panel discussed various solutions for the modern “connected” world. Among the topics addressed by the panel were; dealing with security, standards, breadth of applications, and general scaling of the Internet of Things for consumer, commercial, and industrial applications.

Monnit is proud to be recognized as a Top Internet of Things Solutions Provider and for the opportunities to educate and contribute to the growth of a more prosperous, knowledgeable and connected State of Utah.

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