iMonnit Secure Sensor Monitoring Software
There has been a lot of noise around the Internet of Things (IoT) lately, mostly regarding IoT security. Everyone is becoming more familiar with internet connected devices, and finding ways to implement them into everyday things. However, these devices leave us more complacent with what information we are sharing, making ourselves more vulnerable to hackers.

It may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but everything from your smart fridge, home surveillance, smart TV and much more potentially allows hackers into our lives. Most of the devices connected to Wi-Fi networks are unencrypted. When a network is unencrypted, it’s easy for others to gain access to your machine, access key details about everything connected to your network–potentially finding more personal information. As most companies of these smart devices offer no security features to keep your information safe, Monnit has taken steps to keep sensor network communication secure all the way from the sensor to you

Monnit’s online software, iMonnit, uses a 256 Bit SSL Encryption for web access. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is an encrypted link between you and our online iMonnit software to prevent your sensitive information from being shared or stolen. 256 Bit is the same level of encryption used by financial institutions providing bank transactions.

As an admin for your iMonnit account, you can create a variety of user permissions, ranging from view only for a single sensor network to additional administrator accounts for all sensor networks on the account or any variation in between. For instance, a user can have manage capabilities for one sensor network, and view only for other sensor networks on the account.

iMonnit Express is a local PC software program which runs on your computer and does not need access to the internet at all. The software, however, is limited to 10 wireless gateways and 50 wireless sensors at a time.

For those companies that need an unlimited number of wireless gateways and sensors, and do not want to use the Online software, we have iMonnit Enterprise available. iMonnit Enterprise is the full featured version of our online software, which can be installed on a company’s internal servers, behind their firewall. So all access to the software and sensor data is only accessible from an onsite computer or external access through their company’s firewall connection protocols. From there, the same user permission controls are available as used in the iMonnit online software.

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