Dead Car Batteries Can Really Upset Your Day

The official start of summer is right around the corner, but the triple-digit weather is already here. The heat can take a toll on more than just people and animals; it can also be a killer on your car battery. We often think of cold weather being the cause of a dead battery, since we often find ourselves having issues starting our cars in the freezing winter mornings. While battery failure can occur during the colder seasons, the battery’s chemistry can also be affected during the hot summer months. The intense heat can escalate the chemical reaction inside the battery, causing an increase in self-discharging and plate corrosion, which will cause the battery to short out. This is why many drivers will find themselves replacing their car batteries in warmer months.

When the temperature is consistently 90 degrees or more, it is important to pay attention to your car battery. As many businesses rely on their vehicles to provide services to their customers, it is important to monitor the batteries of all your vehicles. Not only could you lose business by not getting to your clients, but a replacement battery can cost anywhere from $125 to $500. It could be worse to find yourself with a tow bill if you’re not careful. With Monnit, you can monitor the life of your car battery at any time with our Wireless Voltage Meters without having to get under the hood every time. Wireless Temperature Sensors can also help you by monitoring the temperature levels around your vehicles. With Monnit’s wireless solution you can keep your fleet running, as well as your car, boat, and RV, and eliminate costly surprises.

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