Monnit Sensor for Warehouse Monitoring

Damaged inventory and employee safety issues occur everywhere; from the small business storage area to the 1 million-square-foot best-in-class warehouse. Identifying the cause of these facility issues is part of the process to decrease or eliminate these problems altogether.

Let’s face it, running a warehouse takes a lot of time and energy. Warehouse management is confronted with various challenges that many companies fail to embrace fully. Imagine having to locate hundreds upon thousands of products that you have to ship to your customers within a timely manner, while preventing damage to stored goods and the building infrastructure, and monitoring the performance and safety of your facility and team. In the past, these obstacles were difficult to manage, but thanks to Monnit, that has changed.

The Monnit Solution

Monnit enables warehouse managers to monitor and track various conditions of their equipment, building, and stock. For a long time, available solutions were very limited, expensive and difficult to use. Monnit’s affordable remote monitoring system makes it easy for owners and managers to keep track of their business from anywhere, at any time via computer, smartphone or tablet and receive alerts via text, voice, email, or through a local alert system the moment there is an issue.

Here are just a few ways you can monitor your warehouse with Monnit Wireless Sensors:

Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors

According to OSHA, thousands of employees fall victim to heat-related ailments every year. Human comfort and safety should be the primary concern for warehouse managers. Keep your staff and stock sufficiently cool with a Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensor.

Monnit Wireless Open-Closed Sensors In order to send and receive shipments, warehouse bay doors open and close multiple times a day. This allows air to enter or escape while the doors are open. Using wireless open/closed sensors to monitor these doors can provide significant energy cost savings.
Monnit Wireless Water Detect Sensors Water is the single highest cause of commercial property damage. In a warehouse, the stakes are even higher considering the amount of inventory that is stored inside. In a warehouse setting, standing water can remain hidden for much longer, allowing mold and mildew to grow which poses safety hazards for workers. Mold and mildew are also expensive to remove. Identify water issues with wireless water detection sensors.
Monnit Wireless Humidity Sensors Moisture/Humidity can enter the warehouse through stored products, the ventilation system and small gaps in the building’s structure. Humidity can cause many problems such as microorganism growth, decreased product quality and shelf life, breakdown in packaging, and reduce productivity amongst workers. You can easily monitor humidity levels in your facility with wireless humidity sensors.
Monnit Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensors Carbon monoxide is a common toxic component found in warehouses. CO can be introduced to the warehouse area through vehicle exhaust, burning gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, propane, kerosene, or jet fuel. Keep your staff safe from CO poisoning with wireless CO detectors.
Monnit Wireless Voltage Meters Your forklifts are the heart of your warehouse, and the heart of your equipment is their batteries. The lifespan of a battery shortens over time and often becomes undercharged, which can cause malfunctions with your equipment and affect their performance. Battery management is critical to keeping your warehouse running smoothly. Monitor the health of your equipment batteries with wireless voltage meters.
Monnit Wireless Flex Sensors It is important to monitor carrier arrival and departure times, loading and unloading times and labor hours. Get rid of the spreadsheets, clipboards and human error and monitor trailer movement with wireless vehicle detection sensors, and track when trailers arrive and depart.
Monnit Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensors Pallet racking should be checked regularly to make sure racks are level and not bent. Damages can come from overloading the shelving, and these issues should be identified and repaired quickly to prevent injuries or damage. With a wireless flex sensor, you can be notified as soon as a problem occurs to prevent any permanent damage to shelving.
Monnit Wireless Button Press Sensors Slips and trips, equipment accidents, improper lifting techniques, falling objects and many more incidents can cause injuries in a warehouse. Team members can be notified of incidents and respond quickly by using wireless button press sensors to send incident alerts.
Monnit Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensors The Monnit Wireless Local Alert provides an additional way to receive critical notifications and sensor readings through your network. Upon receiving a notification the Local Alert can flash an LED, sound an audible alarm, and display critical notification information. The Local Alert can also be used to display sensor readings from any sensor on the same account.

Start Protecting Your Facility

Monnit provides an enormous opportunity to protect your facilities, attract customers, increase profits, and scale your business. Now you have a better understanding of how you can use Monnit to give yourself peace of mind, prevent surprises, and keep your employees safe.

The Monnit Remote Monitoring System is the most intuitive, reliable, and cost-effective solution on the market.

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