Monnit Internet of Things Solutions

In a recent Business Insider article, survey says most businesses already use the Internet of Things, BI Intelligence surveyed companies on how they use IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. The results came in with approximately 65% of enterprises are utilizing IoT solutions for business purposes. BI breaks down how these IoT solutions are being used with 66% of them using the IoT for risk management, 63% for machine monitoring, 33% to provide cellular data and Wi-Fi hotspots, and much more.

If you are unfamiliar with the Internet of Things, it is the network of physical objects (“things”) embedded with sensors, software, electronics, and network connectivity, which enables them to collect and exchange data. According to Julie Bort at Business Insider, if there is one technology that a company can benefit from its sensors. “Sensors can be programmed to sense the environment and share that information over the internet, such as locations of items, their temperature and so on.” Sensors allow you to get the most of your new and existing technology in a variety of ways.

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