Hilltop Cranberry Farms

Hilltop Cranberry Co. was searching for a reliable solution to help them protect their temperature-sensitive crops. The requirements were that it needed to be wireless (with a long enough range to span their fields), weatherproof,  be battery powered (without the need to change batteries often) and provide timely alerts via phone call or text message when temperatures drop below a specified point. They found the exact solution they needed with Monnit’s new ALTA Internet of Things Sensors. The solution consists of temperature and humidity sensors that transmit measurements wirelessly to a receiver. The Monnit cloud-based solution can then issue alerts to the company at any time, day or night, when conditions are such that the plants and their berries are at risk. The system, installed this spring, not only prevents the potential loss of an entire crop if the temperature dips too low, but also provides owner Travis Tritz with a better night’s sleep, since he doesn’t need to spend cool nights watching the temperatures.

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