IoT Questions

As IoT continues to grow and become a part of everyday life, the only real challenge to overcome is the variety of different networks, machines, equipment, and sensors to integrate with one another. There are thousands of products out in the market-place, many of which already work perfectly in their designated environment. How do companies turn existing systems into a full-blown IoT network? The answer is simpler than you may think.

Monnit wireless sensors can be placed anywhere. Currently, there are over 50 different types of standard sensors available in our online store. In addition to the standard sensors Monnit sells, our engineering department has the capability to develop custom sensors for any application imaginable. However, this is only half the story. What good is a bunch of sensors monitoring your environment without a way to view all of the data being recorded? This is where Monnit really offers value to your company. We offer software a user can access from any internet-enabled device, but for some larger organizations, having another application separate from existing networks is not efficient. There is not enough value added if managers have to check a separate system to receive updates, then turn around and make adjustments in the local environment. Monnit offers larger companies the ability to integrate our software into their existing network(s). Now organizations can place Monnit sensors wherever they would like and have that data be incorporated with industry-specific software applications. IoT solutions do not have to be separate, the idea is to use existing infrastructure to provide more information and enhance decision making.

There are a couple of specific examples which come to mind. First is a company called Lineage Logistics, a very large food importer in the U.S that monitors hundreds of cold-storage facilities around the country. They use Monnit temperature sensors to create heat maps of different warehouses which display in their existing software. You can read the full article here. Another example is Arrow Electronics, a massive technology distribution company. They recently launched a new service called “Arrow Connect” which focuses on 2-way communication between software and hardware. This is a way to integrate any piece of equipment with any software program, essentially implementing the core concept of IoT into any organization. The article is here.

IoT itself is not complicated, the biggest hurdle it faces is the massive amounts of variety already existing in each market. In the past, systems that integrate machines and software networks have been unique to industries and specific environments. Now, there is nothing custom needed to gain a better understanding of your business. Whether you are a small shop looking to monitor a few random things, or a global organization looking to gain real-time insights on locations all over the world, Monnit products and services support every type of consumer. The level of customization completely depends on your company’s needs.