Warm Fire with Phone

The weather is starting to change in the northern hemisphere, winter is coming. As people begin to switch over from air conditioning to heat, it is important to take a minute to ensure your home or company’s system is prepared for the coming months. Now would be a perfect time to implement a couple of Monnit wireless sensors to provide maximum protection and comfort for your family or employees.

Boiler systems for larger companies can be cumbersome to maintain. These systems are not active for the entire year and sitting idle during the summer months increases their chances of malfunction when turned on. Not only are repairs costly, the lack of heat leaves occupants very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Monnit has a solution! Monnit has created a kit specifically for boiler rooms and furnace units. For under $800, any organization can purchase a gateway and sensors specifically designed to monitor temperature and power consumption in different areas. In addition to these more basic sensors, accelerometers can be placed on specific moving parts to confirm proper harmonic movement. The idea of a remote monitoring solution is to help prevent problems before they turn into expensive repairs. It is a lot easier and cheaper to replace a loose bolt or seal up a pipe than it is to deal with the potential damage of that bolt breaking or air/water leaking into problem areas.

Industrial boiler applications are quite a bit more expensive than the average sized home, but that doesn’t mean Monnit sensors are only for these applications. All of Monnit’s sensors and gateways are able to communicate with each other, it is very simple to set up a remote monitoring solution on a smaller scale. While larger boiler rooms tend to have certain standards and uniform properties to them, each house’s heating system is completely different based on numerous factors. Set up a system that will work best for your needs! All of our sensors can be viewed here. Feel free to chat with a customer service representative should there be any questions relating to your ideal set up.

The Internet of Things is changing the way people interact with machines around them. No longer do humans have to react to a problem when it arises, Monnit wireless sensors allow users to monitor their boiler rooms 24/7. Receive notifications on any internet enabled device should conditions go outside the set benchmarks. Preventing problems before they turn into big issues will keep the people you care about warm over the long winter season.