Most of the people who know about Monnit and regularly use our products are only familiar with sensors and gateways. These pieces of wireless technology are what Monnit is known for, but there are a couple of other lesser known products we wanted to highlight today in this blog post. Below are 4 additional offerings which could improve an existing network in your business today.

Local Alert
Local Alert
The Monnit Wireless Local Alert provides another way to receive critical notifications and sensor readings through your iMonnit network. Upon receiving a notification, the Local Alert can flash an LED light, sound an audible alarm, and display critical notification information. The Local Alert can also be used to display sensor readings from any sensor on the same account.

  • Provides audible and visual alerts when a wireless sensor notification is received
  • Three Alarm Types: Flashing red LED, buzzer alarm, and custom backlit message display (can all be used together)
  • Device and alarm settings are configurable through iMonnit
  • Stores and displays up to 10 notifications/readings
  • LCD displays device name, custom message or sensor reading, and time of notification/reading
  • The number of notifications and sensor readings saved on the Local Alert is reported in iMonnit

Wireless Control
Wireless Control
Monnit Wireless Control allows a user to control two separate power relays through the iMonnit online sensors portal. Automatically control motors or electrical devices when a condition is detected by a sensor or group of sensors. Relays can also be controlled manually through the online portal or mobile app.

  • Control 2 separate power relays through iMonnit
  • Available in 10-amp or 30-amp units
  • Allows for both manual and automated control
  • Allows for timed control function (ex. turn on for 10 minutes then turn off)

Wireless Range Extender
Range Extender
Monnit Wireless Range Extenders allow you to extend the coverage area of your wireless sensor network by relaying the signals between your wireless sensors and the wireless gateway.

  • Can double the wireless distance between sensors and gateway
  • AC powered, no batteries needed
  • Stores up to 30,000 messages if gateway is unavailable
  • Supports up to 99 wireless devices

Wireless Serial MODBUS Gateway
Serial MODBUS Gateway
The Monnit Serial MODBUS Gateway acts as a data concentrator for Monnit wireless sensor networks. This device incorporates Monnit’s Access Point Node (APN) and Serial RS-232C and RS-485 Interfacing hardware.

  • Works with Monnit Sensor Networking Solutions
  • Communicates with MODBUS RTU / ASCII Serial Protocols
  • Supports RS-232C / RS-485 Interfacing