Protect your buildings from the spring thaw

As winter draws to a close and spring-time comes around the corner, don’t let the changing conditions catch you off guard! Be prepared for potential disasters such as water intrusion due to snow thawing. There are several solutions from Monnit to help detect potential disasters early! Monnit offers 4 different sensors for water detection: Water Detect, Water Detect Plus, Water Rope, and Water Puck. Each of these sensors report the same type of data, whether or not water is present, but are all slightly different with how that data is collected. Let’s start with the simplest options, Water Detect and Water Detect Plus. Water Detect uses a 3 ft wire (customizable) to detect when water comes in contact with the wire ends, sending a notification to the iMonnit system. This sensor covers the least amount of surface area but is ideal for attaching directly to pipes or placing on the edge of a central drain where water would most likely flow. An optional “Detect Plus” probe can be added to the end of the water detection wire, which can be positioned and mounted at a set distance above the ground, eliminating false alarms. Perhaps a drain pan needs to be guarded against overflowing, this probe can be placed at the ideal level to alert users when water is getting dangerously high. Monnit’s Water Rope Sensor is exactly what it sounds like, a water sensitive rope which comes in 10 ft. segments and can be extended up to 100 ft. This type of water detection sensor is great for safe guarding entire rooms, typically the rope is placed at the bottom of a baseboard or in a sub-flooring area. A great example of this would be a customer who had a toilet break over the weekend, causing major flooding which eventually seeped into their data center. Had a water rope sensor been placed around the floor and doorway to that room, an alert would have sounded the second water touched it and would not have been discovered on Monday morning when it was too late. Finally, the Monnit Water Puck sensor is for portability and durability. This sensor is completely water sealed and can be placed in any potential problem area, inside or outside of a building.

Monnit has plenty of other sensors as well depending on what “Things” you would like to monitor. Accelerometers can be used to track mechanical movement and send alerts if pumps or motors start vibrating excessively. Humidity is another environmental factor to keep an eye on as the weather changes. With over 50 unique types of wireless sensors available, whatever your needs may be, Monnit has a solution! If you don’t find what you need, contact our team to ask about custom sensor development.  Whatever your needs may be, Monnit is here to assist and help safeguard your buildings as the weather changes in the coming months.