SALT LAKE CITYJuly 16, 2019 — Monnit Corporation ( today announced they are now shipping their 3G Cellular Gateways with an included 3G Cellular Signal Booster. The booster—which normally retails for $179 USD—will also be made available free of charge to current gateway users who have experienced less-than-ideal signal strength because of their deployment location.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the Monnit customer experience,” said Brad Walters, Monnit CEO. “Global demand for IoT solutions is outpacing the evolution of cellular networks so we have decided to include a signal booster with each 3G Cellular Gateway purchase. This will not only improve the data transfer experience for customers who are underserved by their current network, but also customers on the outskirts of tower range.”

Each of Monnit’s 3G Cellular Gateways also has a fail-over function allowing the gateway to operate on a 2G network when necessary—providing an additional connection safeguard for those with challenging cellular network circumstances.

No additional action is required to receive a free booster when placing a new order for one of Monnit’s 3G Gateways. If you are a customer experiencing less-than-stellar signal with an existing 3G gateway, please contact Monnit at 801-561-5555 to receive a free booster.

Discover more about the 3G Cellular Signal Booster here, and about the Monnit 3G Cellular Gateway options here.

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(801) 561-5555