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A U.S.-based manufacturer, Monnit’s Wireless Sensors monitor what matters most—if something goes wrong, our sensors send an instant alert. Trusted worldwide, our Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring solutions are used worldwide to help tackle spoilage and compliance.

The Situation:

Convenience store produce sales are eclipsing $240 million annually as consumers shift toward grab-and-go greens. And unfortunately for a U.S.-based c-store chain, spoilage was on the rise, too.

Stung by losing produce that has a 2% margin, the C-store’s corporate offices contacted Monnit for a turnkey solution. They selected a pilot store and took a deeper look at cooler performance—was it stable? Was cooling uniform? Besides, it was time to stop trusting food safety to manual temp checks.

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The test store’s operator started with a Monnit temperature monitoring system that alerts managers if the cooler’s temps exceeded their user-defined limits. Additionally, the sensors’ automated temperature data collection provided corporate management with HACCP-compliant temp logs for compliance, inspections, and quality initiatives.

The Solution: A 3-Part Defense With Monnit


Monnit sensing solutions

Monnit saves you money

The Savings:

For $1,000, our client deployed a comprehensive temperature monitoring solution in the test store. The system quickly caught a compressor failure, saving thousands for this multi-faceted operation. Store operators can now successfully;

  • Track environmental conditions and get real-time analytics about the state of operations.
  • Mitigate losses from spoilage and prevent losing personal time to unplanned downtime or compliance failures.

Go ahead, stack citrus by your beer and stock salads for the post-work, pre-yoga crowd. These items pull in traffic and lead to sales of higher-margin drinks and impulse novelty buys.

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