Meet Monnit:

A U.S.-based manufacturer, Monnit’s Wireless Sensors monitor what matters most—if something goes wrong, our sensors send an instant alert. Trusted worldwide, our Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring solutions help real estate agents, banks, and commercial property managers get real-time updates about their assets.

The Problem:

Like others in property management and real estate, a realtor had a “gut-check” moment with a listing. A leak at a high-end property went unnoticed for 12+ hours, leading to massive losses and a falling out with an active buyer.

remote monitoring for property management

A Proper(ty) Experiment:

Needing to protect all listings, the realtor approached Monnit—she wanted a custom solution for real-time asset updates. For under $700, the agent implemented wireless water, temperature, motion, and light sensors in and around her most valuable listings. The agent then tracked day-to-day operations via Monnit’s online dashboard and app; if something went wrong, an alert would be texted to her.

The Solution: Real Estate Defense with Monnit

Monnit remote monitoring solutions

real estate monitoring

Backed by Monnit remote monitoring and the IoT, the agent can now receive instant alerts about water leakage, temperature, and activities occurring in vacant listings. Receiving real-time updates, and responding quickly, allows her to control her schedule—she now knows what the day’s most pressing issues are.

Seeing payback through prevention and large-scale savings, the agent integrated Monnit Wireless Sensors across her properties. When a unit sells, the turnkey remote monitoring system is easily relocated to the next listing—a cellular link connects all of Monnit’s hardware, app, and online dashboard.

how Monnit sensor networks work

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