With an estimated 50,000+ serving in the U.S., K-9 officers are critical to their communities. Handlers and K-9s also rely on each other for protection, creating an unshakable bond. As such, handlers seek the best protection possible for their four-legged partners. Leading the fight on the front lines is fraught with danger for K-9s. Every year, dozens of K-9s have fallen from gunshots, explosions, accidents, and poisonings.

The Problem:

An alarming number of police K-9s also suffer or die from the heat inside patrol vehicles. Over the last decade, K-9 deaths tied to heat exhaustion have risen. Vehicle interiors can top 170 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside. Even when it’s 80 degrees, interiors can hit 99 degrees in 10 minutes.

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Meet Monnit:

A U.S.-based manufacturer, Monnit’s Wireless Sensors monitor what matters most—if something goes wrong, our sensors send an instant alert. Trusted worldwide, our Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring solutions help protect K-9 officers, service animals, and military working dogs from extreme temps.

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The Solution: A 3-Part Defense with Monnit

temperature monitoring for kennels

Remote monitoring is a tech-savvy protection strategy. By placing a wireless temperature sensor in a kennel, patrol unit, or housing, a handler gets instant updates about their K-9 partner. Agencies can also install a vibration meter or AC current sensor within minutes to monitor the A-C unit that’s keeping K-9 housing safe.

Monnit Wireless Sensor data enables K-9 handlers and staff to track security and comfort. If temps exceed the handler’s preferences, an alert is sent via text, call, or email—corrections can be made and health maintained.

Beyond safety and wellness, remote monitoring with temperature sensors means always knowing—not stressing and guessing. IoT technology is ready to help reduce the number of heat-related injuries and deaths facing K-9 officers.

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