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For more than a decade, U.S.-based Monnit has provided the world’s largest companies with award-winning IoT technology. With 80+ sensor types, Monnit can reduce your operating costs, protect your investments, and help create a sophisticated energy management platform.

The Problem:

Monnit was approached by a company focused on shrinking their carbon footprint via a new on-site solar energy system. Dependent on batteries to store energy, solar energy platforms rely on strict protection measures for proper storage and optimum performance. The company knew that remote monitoring was the key to successful solar integration.

After evaluating the solar system, Monnit provided a custom mix of two dozen wireless voltage, temperature, water detection, and motion sensors. And Monnit’s remote monitoring solution is scalable—as more solar arrays are incorporated, additional sensors can be easily added.

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This remote monitoring system is worth its weight in gold! It does exactly what we need, and Monnit’s prices made it a no-brainer. Prior to using Monnit, we had no way to remotely track and monitor conditions with our solar energy system.

Gary T.

VP Business Operations

The Solution: A 3-Part Defense with Monnit

Placing wireless voltage meters on each array, the company began tracking charge levels. Additionally, Monnit’s temperature, water detection, and motion sensors kept the company’s techs informed about their photovoltaic (PV) system’s ambient operating conditions and security.

For less than $2,000, Monnit’s Wireless Sensors enabled the company’s techs to track their PV system’s performance and protect it from environmental extremes. The techs also know instantly if there is motion near the solar arrays. Best of all, the Monnit sensors can alert them via text, email, or call if something’s wrong—no more time-consuming, in-field checks.

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