Meet Monnit:

Monnit provides large-scale agricultural companies and family-owned farms with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the input, output, and service sectors. The Check Engine Light™ for agribusiness, Monnit Wireless Sensors monitor what matters most and send an alert if something goes wrong. With agtech used throughout the world, Monnit helps increase efficiency, control, and security.

The problem:

Struggling with inconsistent growth in their greenhouses, a large agricultural producer urgently needed tech to minimize both energy use and product loss.

Monnit for agribusiness

agriculture monitoring systems

The Solution: A 3-Part Defense with Monnit

a 3-part defense with Monnit

increase crop yields

Using 100 Monnit wireless sensors—about 12–15 per hectare—the agricultural producer began tracking temperature and humidity. Growers suspended the sensors on a grid of wires throughout their greenhouses to monitor the ambient environment.

Grappling with large and complex facilities, the producer used iMonnit Sensor Maps to track the layout of their premises with a visual drag-and-drop builder to manage sensor positions in maps.

Continuously absorbing data, the sensors wirelessly update and send real-time information to the agricultural operation’s virtual iMonnit dashboard. Using the flexibility of iMonnit software to alert of environmental changes, the producer set up a notification for staff if the temps or humidity levels suddenly change.

The producer leveraged real-time data to visualize operations and overcome surges and drops in both temperature and humidity. Crop yields increased by 14% and energy costs decreased by 18%.

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