Spanning all sizes, industries, and operations, server rooms and data centers are the backbones of virtually every business. Running a large data center? Or maybe your family-run business has networking equipment in a closet? Either way, protecting your digital assets from unexpected disasters is critical.

Our Value:

A Monnit Wireless Sensor is the check engine light for server rooms and data centers. If something—such as temperature—changes, Monnit will instantly alert you (or an on-site manager). No matter where you are, Monnit makes sure you know before disaster strikes.

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How are your digital assets at risk?

Overheating – Virtually any piece of equipment can overheat because of an improper install that causes uneven airflow. Knowing the ambient temperatures that your machines are operating in is essential for ensuring the uptime that your business depends on.

Contamination – Are your servers vulnerable to burst pipes or a plumbing leak? Ever worry about unauthorized access? Flooding, excessive humidity, or an unlocked door often lead to IT catastrophes. Why leave your operation and entire revenue stream vulnerable?


The Solution: A 3-Part Offence with Monnit

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