A manager of a popular U.S. franchise was stung by equipment failures. The final straw: the walk-in’s compressor had failed, causing enormous product loss and eroding future profits because high temperatures spoiled the food. For safety’s sake, all food was discarded—leading to unplanned downtime. Furthermore, the manager also realized that asking employees to manually track food storage temperatures as part of an HACCP program was no longer sustainable or safe.

Searching for a turnkey sensor solution, the manager discovered Monnit. With more than a decade of IoT leadership and food service support, Monnit had the right wireless sensors to suit the restaurant’s size and budget.


Our Value:

Monnit Wireless Sensors are the check engine light for your business—the sensors monitor what matters and provide 24/7 alerts. Wherever you are, whatever you do, Monnit alerts you before disaster strikes.

The Problem:

Any number of issues can cause unexpected spoilage resulting in thousands of dollars in loss.

perishable food monitoring

Perishable Food Monitoring

prevent food spoilage

The Solution: A 3-Part Offense with Monnit

Monnit wireless sensors

For just $500, our client secured appliances holding $20,000+ of inventory. Monnit’s comprehensive solution not only fortified their operations but also paid dividends within 30 days by preventing a similar spoilage incident when an employee failed to properly close a walk-in door.

Seeing the immediate value, the franchise implemented our monitoring systems in six more locations.

Three mission-critical results have allowed the franchise to increase efficiency and operational standards:

  1. Secured product temperatures: Preventing spoilage due to equipment failure or ensures business as usual.
  2. Ensuring doors are closed: Implementing an automated system to track cooler door statuses prevents downtime and lost business due to human error.
  3. Automatic temperature checks: Automated tracking and documentation of meat storage temperatures (per FDA requirements) streamlines ERES compliance and provides higher accuracy.

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