The Problem:

Large student housing complexes translate into large and complex problems, and these problems aren’t just rambunctious students. Leaks, unauthorized access, harmful gases, and fires all pose massive risks to residents. With on-campus housing a focal point of student life, administrators and housing staff need to be instantly updated on equipment and facilities. Beyond the pressing need to protect residents, facility maintenance staff sought an additional tool to minimize danger, risk, and liability.

A boiler pump seized, leaving a prominent residence hall at a U.S. university cold. This failure led campus facility management to Monnit. As the Check Engine Light™ for student housing, Monnit’s Wireless Sensors monitor environment, activity, or power. If something goes wrong, the sensors issue an alert so on-site staff can fix the problem before failure.

With Monnit’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the university quickly (and affordably) implemented an end-to-end solution. So, how did they do it?

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Student Housing

We searched for a reliable solution and found it with Monnit. Now we know anytime there is an issue with one of our buildings. We started out using their sensors on our boilers and pumps, but they are so useful and affordable that we’ve started adding them across our campus for other things we want to track.

Carl S

Facilities Manager

The Solution: A 3-Part Defense with Monnit

By placing temperature sensors, accelerometers, and water sensors on and around their boilers, pump systems, and living areas, the university made huge strides in keeping residents toasty while protecting the budget.

The sensors transmitted boiler performance data to the iMonnit dashboard, giving university staff access via smartphone app or PC. With graphical features, mapping tools, and bank-grade data security, the facility maintenance group can always check on a building’s environmental conditions and machine health—no matter where they happen to be. And they can step off-campus knowing that if something starts to go wrong, the sensors will issue alerts.

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Monnit Sensor Network

For an initial investment of $600, the university stopped several boiler failures, pump malfunctions, and associated leaks before these led to costly structural damage. If a leak or malfunction triggers an instant alert, the university staff can now quickly catch and correct minor issues before these become major problems.

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