Meet Monnit:

An Internet of Things (IoT) leader, Monnit’s solutions let users track assets. Based in the U.S., Monnit secures operations and prevents disasters with 80+ wireless sensor types.

The Problem:

Soggy storage units. A self-storage franchise owner contacted Monnit because a leaking roof destroyed a renter’s possessions. The franchisee recognized that without robust environmental and security insights, business would be unsustainable. Additionally, the firm sought to build additional value into their rentals by offering premium services to its top clients.

Beyond tracking water leaks and temps, the storage firm wasn’t sure what other variables would help protect the business. After consulting with Monnit, they implemented water detection, temperature, open/closed, and infrared motion sensors into their units. By incorporating activity monitoring, the firm would better understand customer traffic—helping guide security initiatives.

storage facility monitoring

Modular wireless sensors gave the team the freedom to install the devices between units—rather than being forced to connect them with wiring, plugs, and awkward mounts. They were also able to place temperature probes at both the lowest points of the floors and in the center of storage units.

These things are awesome! We do not see as many issues and claims, and we have increased the revenue of our units by renting these systems out to our customers. It’s a win-win for both our company and our customers. Thank you for making such a great product.

Donald W

Business Owner

The Solution: A 3-Part Defense with Monnit

After a quick setup, the Monnit sensors began relaying data to the online iMonnit sensor management dashboard. Beyond providing unit status reports, this software allowed employees to receive instant notifications via text, call, or email if something went wrong. The staff also customized sensor check-ins, having them report environmental data every 60 minutes.

For under $1,000, the facility owner purchased Internet of Things solutions to monitor the interiors of six units. They also began offering customers their value-added monitoring service for an additional $8/month. Within a few weeks, they knew they had a winning formula, leading them to expand their high-margin offerings with more open/closed and motion sensors.

The new revenue generated through monitoring offerings helped unlock the self-storage firm’s potential. Avoiding damage (and insurance claims) allowed the firm to deliver truly secure storage.

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protect against damage

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