Meet Monnit:

A U.S.-based manufacturer, Monnit makes wireless sensors that monitor what matters most—if something goes wrong, our sensors send an alert. We provide enterprise-grade IoT solutions to monitor environmental conditions and stop disasters from ruining high-value assets.

The Problem:

Guayacan, Mahogany, Satinwood, and Pink Ivory are exotic woods favored for décor and high-intensity projects. Because they work with these exclusive woods, the owners of a specialty flooring installation company sought Monnit. Humidity had ruined a tremendous amount of wood despite the use of dehumidifiers and sophisticated HVAC systems. Tired of being reactive, the owners requested a proactive Internet of Things solution. Plus, the firm was attracted to another unique Monnit feature: IOTvantage™, a reseller program that creates additional revenue via sales to end users.

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Unique and Exotic Woods

Trying to find the right solution for our customers was hard enough, but the fact that you let me brand it and sell it as my own is a game changer!

Our customers really love these. It sets us well above the competition. I’m so glad we found you guys!

Tom R

Business Owner

The Solution: A 3-Part Defense with Monnit

remote humidity monitoring

Surveying the company’s operations, Monnit suggested a mix of humidity, temperature, water, and open/closed sensors. These IoT devices were deployed in storage rooms and under plumbing to help protect sensitive materials.

After install, the sensors began relaying real-time information to the iMonnit dashboard, providing environmental data. Via iMonnit, the flooring company’s end users (customers and property managers) receive alerts via text, email, or call if the sensors detect a leak or humidity that threatens hardwood décor.

Additionally, they’ve grown their reputation and revenue by partnering with Monnit to white label Monnit’s IoT sensors for resale.

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Monnit wireless sensors

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