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Monnit Ethernet HVAC and Boiler Monitoring Starter Bundle

Making sure that your building's HVAC or boiler systems are operating properly can be a large task. Monnit provides a solution for monitoring multiple aspects of these systems and will alert you of any issues in real-time, helping you maintain effective, optimized operation.

HVAC Monitoring Kit

We recommend using the following products to monitor your HVAC or boiler system.

Wireless Gateway » Communicates between sensors and online monitoring system
Wireless Quad Temperature Sensor » Monitor intake and output temperatures for optimal performance
Wireless AC Current Meter » Monitor power draw and consumption of compressor or pump motors
Wireless Duct Temperature Sensor » Monitor duct temperatures to ensure proper output

Everything you need to get started is included with the following starter kit, which uses an Ethernet gateway for sensor communication with the online monitoring system (also available as a Cellular monitoring kit).

Contents of the Ethernet HVAC and Boiler Monitoring - Starter Bundle:

  • 1 - MonnitLink™ Ethernet Gateway
  • 1 - Monnit Industrial Wireless Quad Temperature Sensor
  • 1 - Monnit Industrial Wireless AC Current Meter
  • 1 - Monnit Wireless Duct Temperature Sensor (AA)
  • 1 - Sensor Mounting Kit (screws and double sided tape for 4 sensors)

All Monnit Products Include iMonnit Basic Online Monitoring for Free!

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