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Easy Installation & Low Cost

Monnit wireless sensors are designed with end users in mind. We understand not every company has an engineer available to set up complicated systems and make sure everything is functioning correctly. The majority of our products are simple "plug and play" devices. This means with a couple of screws or double-sided tape, you can place a sensor wherever you want as long as it is within range of the gateway (200-300 ft. non-line of sight). Monnit wireless sensors start at $49, you can set up a complete network (sensors, gateways, software) for less than $500.

In addition to hardware, Monnit software is extremely easy to use as well. Our most popular offering is "iMonnit Premiere" which gives you access to a majority of the features found in all of our software. You can set up a Monnit sensor network without having to pay a software fee (iMonnit Basic), but our Premiere software costs only $39.00 per year. For only $3.25 a month your company can have access to one of the most complete online cloud monitoring portals on the market.

It is our goal to remove the intimidation factor from IoT. A lot of companies are fearful of the daunting task of setting up a whole network of sensors, gateways and tying all that information back to a centralized software system. Monnit's low cost and easy set up make exploring our options simple. Monnit does not want to sell you a complicated system up front, our products are designed to start simple and expand from there. Try out a couple of sensors and gateways to see what works for your company. We have found a majority of our customers like to start small and grow their networks once the value is realized. Of course Monnit can create an entire company-wide system upfront, but we understand the majority of customers will not be able to throw resources at such a large project. Monnit wireless sensors are for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of their business or home's environment, no previous experience required!