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Identify and Prevent Problems

One of the main benefits Monnit products offer users is the ability to predict early warning signs of equipment failure. Monnit wireless sensors are designed with this concept in mind, it is an essential function. Being able to detect a potential problem before it balloons into a full-blown issue would be extremely important for any business.

Most of Monnit's sensors have straight-forward applications and will alert you should a problem arise. The simplest example would be a temperature sensor alerting the user a walk-in fridge, freezer or room is rising/lowering in temperature. This change in temperature would indicate something in the environment is malfunctioning, allowing you to take quick action to repair the problem or move products so they do not become spoiled. The same can be said for water detection sensors. An alert on one of these sensors would tell you there is water where it shouldn't be, allowing the user to take care of the situation before major damage happens.

How do you keep an eye on things which are less obvious? A warm fridge or water pooling on the floor can usually be felt or seen by an employee, should there happen to be someone around. However, something like a malfunctioning machine in an industrial setting could be harder to detect. The same can be said regarding pressure in a gas line or electrical power consumption. These types of problems usually require manual checking of gauges to determine if there are any issues. This process can be very time consuming, not to mention expensive with efficiency depending on the number of visits made per day.

Monnit makes wireless sensors to track any type of machine. You can use an accelerometer to monitor movements relating to impact, vibration, inclination, etc. For example, large industrial machines usually have a harmonic signature which once established, will not change unless there happens to be a problem. A wireless accelerometer is a perfect device to both establish a pattern of movement and send you alerts should that movement speed up or slow down. Monnit also creates wireless pressure sensors to attach to any pressurized line to make sure the flow is exactly where you want it. Voltage or A/C current meters monitor a specific machine or an entire floors power consumption. If there is something you would like to track in your home or business, Monnit has the solution for you.

The goal of Monnit wireless sensors is to save you money. Fixing a little problem today before it becomes a bigger issue down the road is exactly the service Monnit wants to provide to its customers. On top of increased accuracy, Monnit sensors are active 24/7. There is no need to worry about an issue arising in the middle of the night without you knowing about it. Peace of mind and saving money is what Monnit is ultimately offering your home or business, check out all of our products today!