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Lower Insurance Premiums

Monnit wireless sensors are designed to help mitigate damage to your property or assets, minimizing damage ultimately helps decrease the overall risk of whatever you happen to be tracking. With a lower risk, there could be a possibility your insurance provider would be able to discount certain services.

A specific example is about one of Monnit's larger clients who preform boiler installations and also supply the insurance on those systems. Depending on the customer's specific needs, this company will install sensors and actually offer a discounted rate depending on the level of protection. In addition to the peace of mind the customer is receiving, the insurance company gets the same thing. Being able to take action before major damage occurs saves everyone money. Any of Monnit's sensors would be considered "preemptive technology" allowing for quick responses of maintenance crews or emergency services. Every situation is different, but a conversation with your insurance rep would definitely be worth a conversation.