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Protect Your Reputation

There are two distinct ways in which Monnit wireless sensors can help your company maximize revenue and profits. The first relates to the purchase and use of Monnit sensors to begin with. Depending on the size and scope of your application, organizations can purchase whatever sensors needed and decide to expand networks from there if necessary. This is how Monnit encourages consumers to interact with our product, start small to gage the value being added. It doesn't make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a complete solution upfront without realizing the value of Monnit products on a smaller scale. For less than $500, any company can purchase a few sensors, 1 gateway and our iMonnit Premier software. Test out the area(s) which you would like to monitor to see if the solution works for your needs.

Monnit wireless sensors can provide tremendous value to your company in terms of their protection. Unforeseen accidents happen all the time and there are very few ways to avoid these types of disasters. Previously, the best method for resolving these issues was to purchase expensive, uniquely tailored equipment which would take years to realize ROI. While these solutions are comprehensive, no company wants to spend tens of thousands of dollars upfront to help mitigate a disaster which may or may not cost that much to fix in the future. Peace of mind should not be that exclusive. Monnit wireless networks are completely customizable but for a fraction of the cost you can choose what sensors to purchase and where to place them. There are no specific requirements, sensors are able to communicate with any gateway and all sensor information is stored and readable through Monnit's secure software platform (which is accessible from any internet-enabled device). Simply put, Monnit wireless sensors make it easy to justify their ROI. For less than a few hundred dollars, your personal Monnit network can help protect against costly water damage, food spoilage, equipment malfunction, or any other problem that will be expensive to fix and replace.

In addition to the protection of your company's products or services, Monnit wireless sensors can help companies realize ROI another way. All of the data generated by your custom sensor network is 100% accurate and will help leaders make better decisions. One example in particular that stands out is a cold storage facility (Lineage Logistics) who use Monnit temperature sensors to create thermal maps of each of their warehouses. Large organizations like this spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in energy costs alone to chill facilities and keep food fresh. Not only is Lineage using the sensors to ensure their warehouses are the appropriate temperature for food, but detailed thermal maps give them the ability to decide when to purchase electricity at lower costs. By pre-cooling warehouses when energy prices are lower due to surplus renewable energy, Lineage Logistics can save tens of thousands of dollars a month in electricity costs alone. None of this would be possible without real-time monitoring of facilities to insure food stays fresh even when thermocycling throughout the day. Click the link below to read more.

The Internet of Things is not just a way for humans to have a better understanding of machines or environments, this technology is helping corporate leaders make better decisions on the direction of their company. The only weakness to having too much data is not being able to realize its value. Monnit wireless sensors certainly function to help avoid potential disasters, but they are not only a passive alert system. Utilize the data being generated on a day to day basis to gain further insights on your company's daily patterns of behavior. Over a short period of time, your private Monnit network will pay for itself and remain functioning well past the initial investment.