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Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

One of the main benefits Monnit wireless sensors offer is peace of mind for consumers. We understand you are not able to physically be everywhere at once, but you can still feel that way using Monnit technology. Receive alerts on any internet-enabled device should set conditions to fall outside of the optimal range, allowing a quick response from you or your team.

Our wireless sensors run on battery power and depending on the size, can last anywhere from 1-5 years without needing to replace the battery. This is important because we designed Monnit wireless sensors to be autonomous. It doesn't make sense to produce a product that requires the user to check in on the sensor just as frequently as the environment itself. Battery levels are conveniently displayed on our software next to each sensor in your network, allowing users to check these at a glance.

If a custom set threshold is met, multiple users can receive a notification message in the form of a text, email, or voice call on any internet-enabled device. Monnit also offers a local alert sensor that can communicate with our secure cloud platform to display any notification messages on-site, without requiring an existing internet connection. An administrator can set up who receives the notification, what the notification message is, and what is required for the notification to stop. Our users have complete control over their networks, Monnit is not a fixed system and is very customizable.

All of our sensors, gateways, and software work together to provide you with complete peace of mind. Users are not only able to customize what sensors are in their environment, but also the notifications sent out and the appropriate response action afterward. Monnit wireless sensors are active around the clock, keeping an eye on your environment even when you can't. We have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost inventory, water damage, or maintenance repairs which normally would not have been noticed in time. Most of our complete network solutions can be built for under $500, we encourage companies to start small and expand networks from there once the value has been realized. Whether keeping an eye on a single walk-in refrigerator or monitoring several spaced-out properties, Monnit has the ideal solution for you.