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Prevent Down Time

Server rooms are vital pieces of equipment for any company large enough to require that much data storage. There is usually propriety information on these server racks, not only making the equipment itself expensive, but the information stored on them invaluable. If one of these servers happened to go down, there would be concern over the cost to fix it, the slowed production of employees, and what stored information was potentially compromised.

Many different Monnit wireless sensors can be used to oversee your secure information. Temperature, motion detection, and humidity sensors are perfect for keeping an eye on the conditions of your server room. Use a water rope detection sensor to ensure there are no unwanted leaks and air flow meters to keep rooms cool. Receive alerts to any internet-enabled device should there be a change in conditions, allowing for immediate response to limit damages. The goal of Monnit wireless sensors is to save you money. Fixing a little problem today before it becomes a bigger issue down the road is exactly the service Monnit wants to provide to its customers. On top of increased accuracy, Monnit sensors are active 24/7. There is no need to worry about an issue arising in the middle of the night without you knowing about it. Peace of mind and saving money is what Monnit is ultimately offering, check out all of our products today.