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Protect Animals

How can Monnit wireless sensors help farmers protect livestock? One of the more obvious examples would be temperature sensors, both for your environment and for the livestock themselves. Whether in the field or inside of a barn, you can keep an eye on the temperature to insure safe conditions. Open/Closed sensors can alert you should a gate happen to be left open, and liquid level sensors can be used to determine drinking water levels. These 3 sensors are our most popular when it comes to monitoring basic farm operations.

While one of our 50+ wireless sensors will probably work for your specific environment, Monnit also creates custom sensors to tailor to your exact needs. There is not a single type of farm, each breed of livestock is unique just like the conditions of the farm on a daily basis. Monnit's engineering team can be put to work for any application you can think of. We have developed custom sensors for various farm applications and/or specific animals in the past with excellent results. Monnit is more focused on getting your farm what is needs, not just what will work.

Feel free to reach out to our sales staff anytime at: (801) 561-5555 to discuss your specific situation. Whether it is tweaking a current sensor so it works perfectly for you or creating an entirely custom product, Monnit will make sure your farm is protected.