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Protect Artwork

Art galleries vary in terms of size and clout, from refrigerator doors to massive warehouses with hundreds of priceless works of art. While your refrigerator contains priceless works of art too, it is a little easier to monitor than a larger gallery.

There are 3 main environmental factors which can seriously damage works of art. The first is water. Water has the ability to cause permanent damage in a matter of seconds. In addition to the water detection sensors Monnit sells, we also create a water detection "rope." This "rope" is water sensitive, comes in 10' sections, and can be expanded up to 100' while still attaching to just 1 sensor. Monnit specifically designed this device with art galleries in mind. Owners can run the rope along the base of floors or ceilings to insure maximum protection from any water source. Once wet, the rope triggers the sensor to send a notification immediately, no need to worry about delays! Even the slightest drop of water will trigger a notification, allowing you to take immediate action before it becomes too late.

The second environmental factor which can damage art is light. Not only are galleries lit to set the appropriate mood, there are special requirements to insure images and pictures remain pristine. Monnit wireless light meters are a perfect solution to track LUX (luminescence/unit area) to help avoid accidental lighting mistakes.

The last main environmental factor is a little bit harder to track and that is people! Some art is extremely valuable, for those irreplaceable works you could attach a small activity detection sensor to the back. This wireless sensor can be used to determine if an asset (art-work) is removed from the premises, or just moved in general. Any vibration or sudden movement would cause a notification to trigger. You could hang a picture on the wall, or stash it away in storage and have peace of mind it will stay exactly the way you left it. In addition to activity detection sensors, Monnit also sells infrared and open/closed sensors. Infrared sensors are designed to locate movement even in completely dark environments, perfect for additional after-hours security. Open/Closed sensors are a little more basic, the most secure application would be on the inside of a safe or storage unit.