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Protect Your Facility

There are a lot of things to monitor when it comes to your businesses facility. Personnel, machinery, equipment, atmospheric conditions, assets, etc. are all important to your company's success. Wouldn't it be great to have a comprehensive solution in place to track anything you want? Monnit's secure cloud platform complete with fully custom sensor solutions makes it easy to keep an eye on what matters most.

While every business is different, there are a couple of core problems which can keep any owner up at night. The most pertinent example that applies to every industry is security. Whether storing physical inventory or controlling customer information/data, your product or service needs to be protected. Monnit wireless sensors are a perfect way to enhance your current security system. Two of our more popular sensors, open/closed and infrared motion, have simple applications but provide powerful results. Place open/closed sensors on doors or windows which shouldn't be accessed past certain hours. Infrared motion sensors are perfect for hallways or lobbies which have restricted access. All of Monnit's wireless sensors send an alert to any internet-enabled device should custom conditions be met. You can set these conditions based on the time of day or the day of the week, sending alerts to your phone only when you need them. Our long-life battery powered sensors work in any conditions, giving you peace of mind even in bad weather or in the event of a power outage.

Setting up a monitoring network for your business does not have to be costly. For under $500, an example set up could include 1 ethernet gateway, 2 open/closed door sensors for front and back doors, 1 infrared motion sensor for a room or hallway with restricted access, and 1 water detection sensor for potential leaks in the warehouse or basement. This would be a simple solution, Monnit wireless gateways can support up to 100 sensors each allowing for complete customization of your network. Plug and play the different sensors you want and easily view all of the data in one, convenient, online application.

Monnit wants to offer an affordable solution to help mitigate some of the stress associated with owning a business. Sometimes little things can lead to big damage. With Monnit wireless sensors keeping an eye on potential problem areas, you can rest assured your investment is being looked after even when no one is around.