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Protect Your Reputation

There really is nothing more valuable to a business than its reputation. How your consumers view your product, employees, even corporate policies and practices can affect their buying habits. Customer satisfaction is always the number one goal, happy consumers with no buyer's remorse is what ultimately propels a business forward.

How can Monnit wireless sensors help your business protect its reputation? This is a very broad question to ask, but the answer can be just as diverse. Monnit offers over 50 different sensors and has the ability to custom engineer any type of sensor you can think of. The more important question really is, what is your company's reputation? Whatever that may be, Monnit has the solution for you.

Whether your business is small or large, any size network can be set up to insure the products or services your company sells are taken care of. Below are 3 sample businesses and how Monnit can help protect what is most important to them:

Small Convenience Store or Gas Station

  • Temperature Sensors for refrigerators/freezers
  • Open/Closed Sensors to track entry points
  • Infrared Motion Sensors to monitor customers around the store

Manufacturing or Industrial Company

  • Accelerometers to track impact, vibration, inclination, etc. for machines/equipment
  • Voltage or AC Current Meters to monitor power consumption
  • Vehicle Detection or Asset Sensors for incoming deliveries or tracking outgoing vehicles

Large Financial Institution

  • Water Detection Sensors to protect server rooms or other water-sensitive areas
  • Air-Duct Temperature Sensors for insuring proper office environment
  • Seat Occupancy Sensors for optimizing workforce allocation