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Protect Yields

Today, growing crops is a science. An exact science. Perfect conditions make the best product in terms of quality and quantity. Monnit wants to help your company produce high crop yields to increase revenue and keep overall costs down.

Temperature and humidity are two of the most important environmental aspects to control outside of the soil and plant itself. Monnit sells numerous temperature sensors and can monitor both humidity or grains per pound (H2O). You can place these in different areas of a greenhouse or field to get a comprehensive view of temperature and humidity around your crops. In fact, you can upload a picture/blueprint of your field or greenhouse then drag and drop each sensor in your network onto the image based on its physical location. From there, users can hover-over each sensor to examine notification statuses and readings. This is an excellent way to get a complete idea of what is going on in real-time.

On top of monitoring the environment your crop is in, use accelerometers to track vibrations in equipment or AC current meters to monitor power consumption. Monitoring the equipment which helps grow and package your crops is just as important as the crops themselves. Being able to fix a minor issue before it turns into a time-consuming problem will help your operation stay running smoothly.