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Protect Your K9 and Pets

Sometimes animals have to travel with law enforcement offers or pet owners in vehicles during the day. This environment can create potentially life-threatening conditions specifically when it comes to the temperature in a closed car. RVs create a similar problem should the A/C happen to go out while you are not around. Monnit wireless sensors are here to provide peace of mind, keeping an eye on your partner or pet when owners happen to step away.

Monnit has implemented temperature sensors into vehicles to help monitor interior conditions specifically for K9 units in southern California. There are rare situations where officers have to leave animals in the vehicle for periods of time while they investigate. Monnit wireless sensors track the car's interior temperature and will send alerts to the officer should conditions become too hot. Other consumers have used these temperature sensors for a similar purpose, ensuring RV conditions remain cool during the day while away from their mobile homes.

While one of our 50+ wireless sensors will probably work for your specific environment, Monnit also creates custom sensors to tailor to your exact needs. There is not a single way to set up a network, each animal is unique just like the conditions of your vehicle or home on a daily basis. Monnit's engineering team can be put to work for any application you can think of. We have developed custom sensors for various applications and/or specific animals in the past with excellent results. Feel free to reach out to our sales staff anytime at: (801) 561-5555 to discuss your specific situation. Whether it is tweaking a current sensor so it works perfectly for you or creating an entirely custom product, Monnit will make sure your animals are protected.