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Protect Your Boat

Boats or yachts are very expensive modes of transportation and in constant danger considering they are floating in water most of the time. In addition to daily maintenance, there are yearly inspections of parts of the boat which are not so easy to observe. The vast majority of boat problems stem from the engine, issues with improper cooling, or electrical failure. Most of these mechanical parts are not easily accessible, and wouldn't necessarily be something you would be able to check while out on the water. This is where Monnit wireless sensors can help. Set up a network of sensors for your boat while at the dock to insure no interruptions when out boating.

Example sensors that are great fits for any sized boat would be temperature, water detection, open/closed, motion, or voltage. Really any other sensor you would like to use depending on the application. Open/closed and motion sensors are great for boats locked up at docks, alerting you of any unwanted access in and around your boat. Use voltage meters and water detection sensors to keep an eye on electrical equipment and water levels in unwanted areas. Temperature sensors can monitor the water itself, or heat output of your engine. Monnit cell gateways are also a perfect way to transfer information to our secure cloud portal as a majority of docks or storage units will not have Wi-Fi. The number of things you can track around your boat either at dock or in the water is entirely up to you.