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Protect Your Building

Building temperatures fluctuate throughout the day depending on the weather and atmospheric conditions inside. While the thermostat might be under lock and key, it is still important as managers to keep an eye on employees' comfort levels throughout the day to maximize efficiency. Each employee is different too, some like it hotter than normal while others cooler.

HVAC costs are an important budgeting item, especially for larger companies responsible for monitoring the entire HVAC system. These systems typically draw a lot of power, making control of the environment critical to keeping costs down. This is where Monnit wireless sensors can help! Not only will temperature sensors monitor the atmospheric conditions around employees indoors, there are other HVAC specific sensors Monnit creates to keep an eye on rooftop equipment. Some of these would include A/C current meters, quad temperature sensors, duct temperature, and airflow detection. Most of these are self-explanatory, but the benefit of the quad temperature sensor is specific to larger HVAC systems. As opposed to regular temperature sensors, our quad temp sensor has 4 probes attached to it. These probes are specifically designed to monitor temperature of the discharge air, discharge line, liquid line, and suction line. Not only can you check on ambient conditions in your building, our quad temp sensor gives maintenance personal a deep understanding of potential problem areas inside the unit. Receive alerts directly to any internet-enabled device should an issue arise, allowing for quick action before conditions become uncomfortable.