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Protect Your Business Assets

"Business asset" is a very vague term because these assets depend on the type of industry you are in. From animals to machinery, data servers to people, Monnit has the appropriate sensor for your needs. In addition to hardware, iMonnit software allows for a complete customization of your network. Regardless of what you are monitoring, view all of the sensor data in one convenient location, accessible from any internet-enabled device. Receive alerts via email, text or voice call should conditions fall outside of the optimal range. These real-time alerts allow for a quick response time, hopefully deterring a problem before it balloons into an expensive and time-consuming issue.

Setting up a monitoring network for your business does not have to be costly. For under $500, an example set up could include 1 ethernet gateway, 2 open/closed door sensors for front and back doors, 1 infrared motion sensor for a room or hallway with restricted access, and 1 water detection sensor for potential leaks in the warehouse or basement. This would be a simple solution, Monnit wireless gateways can support up to 100 sensors each. Plug and play the different sensors you want and easily view all of the data in one place.

Monnit wants to offer an affordable solution to help mitigate some of the stress associated with owning a business. Sometimes little things can lead to big damage. With Monnit wireless sensors keeping an eye on potential problem areas, you can rest assured your assets are being looked after even when no one is around.