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Protect Your Equipment

Labs have higher standards for atmospheric conditions compared to any other basic room. In addition to monitoring the atmosphere, use vibration meters to ensure centrifuges and other equipment is functioning properly. Temperature sensors are perfect for refrigerators or freezers to help avoid costly spoilage due to faulty machinery.

Monnit makes wireless sensors to track any type of machine. You can use an accelerometer to monitor movements relating to impact, vibration, inclination, etc. For example, some types of laboratory equipment have harmonic signatures which once established, will not change unless there happens to be a problem. A wireless accelerometer is a perfect device to both establish a pattern of movement and send you alerts should that movement speed up or slow down. Voltage or A/C current meters monitor a specific machine or an entire room's power consumption. If there is something you would like to track in your laboratory, Monnit has the solution for you.

The goal of Monnit wireless sensors is to save you money. Fixing a little problem today before it becomes a bigger issue down the road is exactly the service Monnit wants to provide to its customers. On top of increased accuracy, Monnit sensors are active 24/7. There is no need to worry about an issue arising in the middle of the night without someone knowing about it. Peace of mind and saving money is what Monnit is ultimately offering your laboratory, check out all of our products today.